News and Stuff

Hello! I haven’t done travelling or anything, but a lot of miscellaneous stuff has been happening over the past month or so. Also, I have news on something.


Hello. It’s been about a month, and a lot has certainly gone on, but I’m just going to focus on what happened on this side of the Pacific.

A Weird Friday

It happened. In my last class for the day, an 8th grade girl asked if I would marry her. After I told her no, she looked like she was ready to cry. Afterwards she was checking me out during the rest of class and lunch. Because she sat right across from me. I wonder what the teacher would have done if I said yes…

Also during that class, a boy asked if I liked the English teacher. As in like like. She seemed extremely embarrassed, so I just tried to deflect the question by saying that she was a good teacher.

Before lunch, one girl from the class asked if I like BL (that stands for “boys’ love,” for you pure souls out there). I gave her a flat “no,” and she seemed genuinely disappointed. There were some other questions that followed, but I didn’t fully understand any of them. Based on the whispering and giggles, they probably weren’t appropriate.

During lunch, the class had a little arm wrestling competition that I somehow got roped into. Suffice it to say, I lost to a middle schooler. I’m not very strong.

Lastly, there was a boy in the class who listed off nearly every Dragon Ball and Harry Potter character and asked if I know them. Anyways, he also asked me if I would marry him about five times throughout the day. When he asked for a reason that I rejected him, I listed off the obvious stuff – his gender, age, he’s a student, yada yada – but he just replied “Okay, now I’m a girl.”

So that was one hell of a class. And the first time I received a marriage proposal.

And that’s how my first full week as an assistant English teacher came to a close. Not that I’ve done any proper teaching yet.